Who can refinance? | Not all consumers can apply for the loan

Do you know if you can refinance your property or vehicle? The mode has the advantage of large amounts of borrowed money and lower interest rates than ordinary lines of credit. As the bank has its collateral for non-payment of benefits, you have such benefits in hiring.

However, not all consumers can apply for the loan. To search for financial institutions, you must fulfill two requirements. Discover the requirements:

Conditions for Refinancing


For those interested in refinancing real estate or your car, the basic rule is that you must own the property in your name.

Be the owner of the property or vehicle

We should not forget that in the loan your property will be as collateral to the bank, which has the option to take it and even auction it if you do not pay your debt. Then you can refinance if you have the property or vehicle in your own name. You can refinance your property as long as it is in your name.

The properties also need to be regularized and, preferably, the institutions grant credit for repaid assets. It depends on each bank involved and other issues, but the amount to be borrowed can be as much as 60% of the total home or car.

Some financiers accept properties on behalf of corporations, but interest is higher than for individuals.

Credit, Legal & Property Analysis

To pass the refinancing contract process, you will go through three evaluation steps. In the first phase, the bank makes a credit analysis which checks the client’s CPF and proof of income to know their debt repayment capacity.

In addition, the loan limit amount is set at 30% of the monthly budget to avoid possible risk of default. Following is the legal analysis of the documentation, in the case of the property given as collateral, to prove if there is any pending.

Finally, a property survey is conducted to determine how much the house or car really costs. If all goes well, continuity is given for issuing and signing the contract, notary registration and release of the requested money.

Property and Vehicle must also meet Conditions


Other conditions are required for banks than you to fit the profile you want to refinance. Not all assets placed in the operation are accepted by the financial companies. Details vary by company.

However, in the case of cars, it rarely happens that vehicles older than 10 years from the date of manufacture are refinanced. In some locations, the maximum limit is 5 years.

For real estate, not all types are related in the mode. Few banks usually accept land and rural properties. Issues such as location in hazardous areas and homes in the final stages of construction or renovation may also weigh negatively on the assessment.

Remember that two insurances are required in the operation: the physical damage to the property and death and permanent disability. These are extra costs in the process, but provide security for the bank and the consumer.Search the bank for the requirements for refinancing.

Is It Possible To Refinance An Unpaid Property?

Is It Possible To Refinance An Unpaid Property?

Again, this solution is treated differently by each institution. There is a specific rule in which you can refinance the good still in the process of payment. In financial companies that approve the guarantee of this unpaid property, part of the loaned amount must be used to pay off your debt with the house.

Only then can you adopt the free use of the money provided in this mode and reallocate resources to your projects or priorities.

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