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How do if you need to apply for a no credit check loan but do not have the time or half just to go personally to banks and financial institutions looking for the best product for your needs? Is there a way to get a loan without necessarily having to waste time at the counter, wait for one’s turn, enter the city traffic? And who works full-time and can not take a day off to go to the bank? Are there solutions?

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For those who cannot or do not want to move away from home to apply for funding, there is a very simple and accessible solution for everyone: payday loans no credit check. These loans have special characteristics and considerable advantages. Let’s see what they consist of, how they work and why it is worthwhile to request a no credit check loan online instead of going personally to a bank or financial institution.

What distinguishes a personal loan made online compared to one obtained at a physical branch of a bank or financial institution? From the point of view of the requirements to access the credit and of the general operation there are no differences, both forms of loan have the same course. What really changes is the way in which this liquidity is required and how the whole process is executed. To get a loan at the branch, you need to go to the bank or finance office physically, which may take a long time and you must always make an appointment first in order to be able to speak directly with a consultant. The timing, therefore, is well established and not very flexible.

With online loans, on the other hand, we are witnessing a real revolution in the world of financing. Thus the ways in which capital is required change. The improvements are assisted above all in the speed with which the credit is granted.

We are not just talking about fast loans, in which the outcome comes in 24 hours, but also about common financing, so that, thanks to the internet, the time required to complete all the procedures has been considerably reduced.

It is no longer necessary to go to the bank counter during opening hours and make an appointment with a consultant. Requests for personal online loans can be made at any time, even at night. All you need is a PC, an internet connection and the necessary documents at hand. Nothing could be easier. All the communications take place by e-mail and almost all the documents can be digitally signed: a small advantage also for the environment!



In addition to significant time and paper savings, what other benefits does online personal loan offer?

First of all, the funding requested online is as safe and reliable as any other financial product required in the branch.

The only trick to adopt is to select a known credit institution and not rely on alleged banks whose name has never been heard before, always checking if there are positive reviews on the web about that particular service offered by that particular credit institution.

With regard to interest rates, however, these are always lower when a loan is requested online rather than at the branch.

One might wonder what this advantage is due to and why the banks reserve it only for those who request a financial product online. The answer to the question is very simple: a bank that operates mainly or exclusively online has significantly lower management costs than one that has to manage many physical branches. This saving of the credit institution then translates into an economic advantage for the customer who finds himself having to pay less interest if he requests the loan online.

The fact of not having to go to the branch to request quotes allows a further saving of time and money.

By submitting requests through the internet, it is possible to receive numerous quotes in a very short time, many more than would be obtained by going to the branches of the various banking and financial institutions.

This vast choice makes it possible to select the financial product that best suits your needs and thus obtain further financial savings.

How to apply

How to apply

To apply for a personal online loan you don’t necessarily need to be a real computer expert, you just need to know how to surf on the internet and, if necessary, get help from a relative or friend more practical with technology. In any case, don’t worry about it: the procedure is simple and intuitive, truly within everyone’s reach.

After obtaining the various estimates and choosing the product that you consider the best, the next step is to go to the website of the bank, financial or intermediary that has made available the financial product for which you want to make the request.

Once here, you need to navigate to the web page dedicated to online loans and start filling out the form for requests.

The information to be entered relates to the amount of capital you wish to obtain on loan, the time within which you intend to finish paying the installments (hence the number of years and monthly installments), the purpose for which you are requesting the financing (this only for specific loans or to take advantage of special promotions reserved for a specific purchase) and the personal data of the applicant. Among these, the name, surname, and date of birth are essential, as well as personal contact details such as telephone number and email address. All this must be accompanied by the documentation required to certify the identity of the applicant and his economic situation.

It is recommended to prepare a digital copy of the required documents and then submits it at the appropriate time.

In addition to the identity document and the fiscal code, documents are also required that demonstrate the income situation. These can be represented by the payslip for employees, pension payslips or tax returns for those who work on their own.

After filling in all the required fields of the application form and have attached the necessary documents, you can forward the request to the bank. The status of the request and its outcome can be monitored directly within the site itself, after having accessed the personal area.

In the event of a positive outcome, the bank will send the contract to the applicant’s email address. He will have to sign it (it is often possible to use his digital signature directly) and send it back to the bank, again via e-mail.

And for bad payers?

And for bad payers?

They too can take advantage of certain types of online personal loans.

Several banks have created financial products that are also accessible to those who have not always been punctual with the payments of the installments of a previous loan.

For them, however, credit institutions demand additional guarantees such as, by way of example, the signature of a guarantor.

The bad payers are still open to the possibility of accessing loans with salary assignments, a delegation of payment and bills of exchange. The first two, because the task of paying the installments punctually no longer pertains to the debtor but to his employer, who keeps the amount of money necessary to cover the installment from his employee’s salary. This greatly reduces the possibility of non-payment of installments. The loan to be repaid by means of bills of exchange, on the other hand, allows the institution that has disbursed the credit to take action against a debtor who has not completed the payment of the bills of exchange by distancing their personal assets. This can be done even if the payment of a single installment has been skipped and the foreclosed assets must have an economic value such as to fully cover the residual debt.

Employee loans

It is the most commonly used form of financing when a personal online loan is requested. All credit institutions are very likely to grant a loan with a salary assignment because the amount of the installments is deducted directly from the payslip of the debtor who must, therefore, be an employee. The loan with the fifth assignment is also granted to bad payers and retirees (through the sale of a fifth of the pension).

The employer can not oppose a salary-backed salary as it is a right of the worker himself.

The amount to be withheld for the payment of the installment may not exceed 20% (one fifth) of the salary or pension. Therefore, if high liquidity is needed, the number of years for the repayment of the loan must be extended as the installment cannot be increased beyond the maximum limit established for this type of loan.